Baskets, Not Chairs

I’d much rather see these hunky English mill baskets than a row of rockers wrapped

’round a pretty farm porch. 

Although it IS nice to rock the hours away on a lazy summer day, so maybe baskets on

a porch would only be a temporary delight.

Lawn ornaments ? Probably not meant for that, either !  But, whatever their final

destination, they are a feast for my eyes.


    1. Hi Barbara,
      This is an old comment (I have been sadly neglectful of my site for a few years) so I don’t know
      if you are still at the same address or still have interest in this topic. The baskets are English
      mill containers and they held Mohair. The ones in the post are all sold…I’m sorry. I might have
      others that are similar. There is one mill basket in my space at the Antique Warehouse, 99 South
      Front Street, Hudson, NY (open daily). I does not have and never had a lid. Thank you for your

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