It’s Coming

It’s coming…..



Any time now in April-May…..


Meanwhile, we’re gathering it all, the stuff in our barns…..


And our storage spaces…..



We’re loading it up…..


We’re moving it to the workshop…..


Where Ken is working night and day to get it all ready…..


Then, we’ll box it…..


Wrap it…..


And, tie it up tight. With wire…..


With string…..


And, giant thread…..


To be delivered to:

The Hudson Mercantile…the 8,000 sq ft warehouse store

202 Allen Street (corner of 2nd Street)

Hudson, New York  12534



So, put it in your date book:  Opening April-May, as soon as renovations are complete.


We will also be in our current store:

The Hudson Mercantile

318 Warren Street

Hudson, New York  12534


Two stores…same cool stuff… just lots more of it.


More Crazy Wonderful

This handmade, rough-cut steel table is a folk art treasure. I don’t know if its

creator meant for it to be so quirky or if he just wanted to make something nice.

Either way, he succeeded. And, it’s a keeper…


A cupboard full of stuff, collected over time in England, Belgium and, of course,

here in America. These won’t be going to The Hudson Mercantile any time soon…


A painted crate, a model house and an old golf marker, one of a set of six, from Scotland…


Two little gifts from Jennifer Lanne: a tiny ca. 1930s painting of sheep on a

papier mache plate, probably the work of a member of  a women’s group, and

a fabulous log cabin in the woods, painted by Jennifer, herself. I love them…





Birds and cards in an old wooden sorting tray. A giant depression-era ball of string…


Lots of drawer units in an old warehouse (now in my barns and in

The Hudson Mercantile)


Mugsie, with his big mutton chops, smiling like a loonie tune, just ’cause that’s

the way he was…


I guess I might have to just keep posting more and more of the crazy wonderful

things that make my heart sing.

Crazy Wonderful

Beyond fabulous, this ziggedy-zaggedy house in the Catskills…


A silo, pretty in pink polka dots…

IMG_6860 A stupendous folksy-painted staircase…


An iron step, declaring that a good time should be had by all who climb…


Wooly sheep, grazing in lush, tall green grass…

Sheep in the Cemetary 5-30-07 005

And, one more, snoozing in front of a nicely-carved gravestone…

Sheep in the Cemetary 5-30-07 016

An artist-friend’s back porch…


A collection of re-purposed industrial washtubs-turned benches, dressed in grain sacks and down, waiting to go to

The Hudson Mercantile


A pile of cool stuff from a picker’s yard…

Adirondack stuff 022

Sleeping Willie, looking like a little bat-cat…


The world is just chock full of wonderful things.  Sometimes they are disguised, mixed among the ridiculous

and weird.  Sometimes they actually ARE the ridiculous and weird. It is just a matter of perspective and

expectation and the willingness to see.


Drawers! What are they good for?

Drawers, huh, yeah!

What are they good for?

Absolutely everything!


I have had a life-long love affair with drawers. For me, they are never too

big, too small or too useless.


It has never mattered to me if they don’t have a particular function.


It is how they look that counts.


My house is full of pieces with empty drawers. But that just makes me feel abundant!



I like them in all kinds of finishes…


But I love the painted ones best.


Below, is a favorite workbench of mine, long gone but not forgotten.


And another favorite, a map case…


This baker’s table, from a monastery, has drawers all the way around…


Drawers were built with function in mind, of course, and, even now, most people

want them to serve a purpose.


Their purpose for me, though, is to please my eye. That’s what they’re good for! Huh!

IMG_7135These pieces either have been or will be in The Hudson Mercantile.

Merry Christmas

The wreathes are all hung.

On the cupboards…..

On the barn doors…..
On the telephone booths…..
All that’s left to do is to say that we wish you, good friends, old and new, near and far,
the Merriest Christmas ever!
The items in the photographs above were all in my space in The Hudson Mercantile.
If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in. We promise to be of good cheer.

Favorite Things

I’ve told this story before: I said “that’s my favorite thing” so often that, one day, a friend said
“oh, Steph, EVERYTHING is your favorite thing!”  I guess it is so: I like a lot. So here are a few
of them:
Glass girls…
A grey cupboard full of white stuff. May I have that back, please?
1930s homemade tinfoil birds, glittered for the Christmas tree…..
Pretty clock faces…..
Old homespun linen, gathered in the corner of a daybed cushion…..
Tiny leather diaries, meticulously documenting one man’s life through the 1930 and 40s……
Leather books, old European paintings and (always) sheep…..
A country store counter-turned-sideboard full of things that I love…..
A barn vent, stunning with its remnants of white paint…..
A hand painted (by me) trunk and a spotted tin horse…..
Letters made of mirrors on a shocking blue board…..
A zinc architectural piece, the best one I’ve ever had…..
A navy blue basket full of navy and cream coverlets…..
A wooden processional piece from the flea market in Tongeren, Belgium…..
A pot metal bird…..
A navy corner cupboard with a hoop skirt form as a wreath…..
More leather books and European paintings…..
Which is the best? Could I ever pick just one? Some of the items in these photos were sold at
The Hudson Mercantile but  I still think of them lovingly from time to time. Most, though,
I have kept. As my eye sweeps back over these pictures, I know my friend was right. Everything
IS my favorite.