Bye Bye Christmas

All my old friends

wrapped in old paper


placed in old boxes

stored in the closet

for another year.



When I was three, I threw such a fit that our tree stayed up until April. 

The only way my parents could get rid of that tree was to set the alarm for

two in the morning and sneak it out of the house.  My father dragged it, like

a thief in the night, to some other neighborhood so I would not see it lying,

abandoned, on our curb. I smile to think of all the ways that my father, just

four years home from serving his country during World War 2, found so

much joy in pleasing me, a long-awaited only child.


Nowadays, the tree comes down half way through January.  Not because of

me, though.  It’s Ken who’s in such a hurry to get back to normal. And he

doesn’t set any clocks, either.  He just gets right up off the sofa and

announces that he is taking down the tree.  Just like that.  I concede, though,

when there are no more little cat throw-ups under the table, behind the

sofas, in all the hard-to-reach places, (the sorry result of long drinks of tree

water), that getting back to normal is not such a bad thing.


I keep some old favorites in bowls here and there but most are in

the closet.

And, even though I know it’s ridiculous (this is not a Raggedy Ann story,

after all), I wonder what they are doing all year.

And if they are as sorry as I am to see another Christmas pass by.


    1. It’s hard to believe you are just putting away your Christmas decorations. But seeing these wonderful old vintage pieces I completely understand. Mine usually are packed away on January 2nd unless I have family or friends visiting then they stay up a few days longer. But
      your decorations are so old and beautiful that I completely understand why it would be hard to pack them away and not see them for another year. But now you can start preparing for Valentine’s day!

    2. Hi Stephanie!
      Just popped over from
      Susan’s blog and glad
      to see you are back blogging.
      I could so relate to this post.
      We finally took our tree down
      two weeks ago, but I missed
      the lights, so I brought home
      two potted norfolk pines and
      wound them with white fairy
      lights….and everyone is happy : )
      Now, when are you going to
      open an on-line shop? Your
      goodies are just lovely!!
      xx Suzanne

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